Spammy Seocontest2008 is the new seo contest that I seocontest in 2008

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Laugh !
Be Aware Matt ! Keep out the rel="external nofollow" !
I'm the cheesy girl , spicy like chilli , but sour like a cream ...

Do you know Serge Gainsbourg ?

He told to Whitney Houston :

I want to f*ck you !

So : I want to spam you!

Swiss zepo team is against the seo world but supporting the french Team !

So come on to see matt cutts and zepo’s orgasm ( with a link to my blog and my painting kronos ) !

So Spammy and linked by Matt Cutts him^self : here :

A SEO ORGASM full colors

I’m a girl in the race, be gentleman and let me win the seocontest2008 !

ps : I don’t speek english but I do my best, yep . see you ! With cheese ! I mean, swiss fondue.

SEO Blues Support the French SEO team for this new seocontest2008

What are you doing man ? A new seo contest ?

In the search engine ? or an other google's search engin ?

Why do we are optimizating our pages and blog for this amazing seocontest2008 ?

Is my blog strong enough to be " In the race " ? I don't pretend the winner could be me, because I'm not experimented, and my english is approximate ... You know, I'm just a swiss girl who like cheese and sex ... and sometimes I contest somes seo contests.

If I would, I could have sex with Matt Cut . We may should have a big orgasm together.

He will tip on his favorite text area ( Google's search engin text area ) : " Zepo is my favourite ass ( ou popotin). "

And the SERPS to respond : " Ho ! What a good choice !!! "

There are long years ago, If had the Google's search engine chosen my ass for Matt Cutts, I'll be surprised if, twice, the result would be the same.

What about the request " SEOCONTEST2008 " ?

Zepo does not approve this contest, except if Matt Cutts would invest in her Most Famous ArtWork  " Kronos " , she is angry again the seocontest.

AND, As usually and the worst she can, Zepo Is truly against all the other blogs and sites they're contesting the contest. Because they don't make sens about seo contest 2008 .


Want to Know More ? So Visit Spammy

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<br /> <br /> What about the new contest to be held in 2011?<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
HEllo !my seocontest2oo8 page is in the classement. i'm just in th 100 .....for a long time ?  I don't know.... but i'am not in the race, i'm not an official participant ....
Matt Cutt ?Take It easy ! I'm shure you want to know if it could be the same as my painting express ;-)Spam is King ! Be Freak !Ps : Now I'm definitly dead and blacklisted .....